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Happy Birthday Azusa! 

Here’s 9 out of 10 of my Azusa Miura cosplays. I don’t have morpho on here yet. But still can’t believe I have about 10 Azusa cosplays…I don’t plan to stop anytime soon (Shiny TV!!!), but Love Live is also a huge distraction. 

I love Azusa! She’s what got me into the show. Maybe I’ll try someone else from 765…

If anyone is planning a huge iDolm@ster group in New England or the Mid-Atlantic, let me know! I’d love to be a part of a huge idol group!

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Yuuki Anju - Love Live: School Idol Project (Shocking Party)

There’s a story behind this. Ever wanted to order something for cosplay but found out that it wouldn’t arrive on time? Yeah, it’s that story. I was supposed to debut Nico in Yume no Tobira at ctcon, but alas, Arda Wigs was at Anime Expo. (and I have like a gift certificate from animeboston that I’ve been meaning to use!) What I did was go through my fabric bins to find fabric that I can use for a last minute cosplay to be made in four days and spending not one single penny.

The result is Yuuki Anju. I picked this character because I liked “Shocking Party;” it’s a fun dance song from the A-RISE team. You don’t see much love for A-RISE, so I decided to go ahead and take whatever scraps I have to make a new cosplay.

I used a jacket pattern for the top. Essentially, I used black glitter casa satin lined with poly poplin. I modded the pattern to function as a double breasted jacket with a Mandarin collar. The lapel piece was the most challenging and time consuming. I made my own bias trim for the lapel. The buttons are craft foam hot glued onto smaller buttons. I wanted to have them large enough to go with a very cutesy idol-y look.

The epaulettes were made from yellow casa satin that were interfaced. The “cords” for the epaulette was made from leftover ribbon I had.

The skirt was made of two long rectangles all gathered with an elastic band. Simple project that took me less than an hour to achieve. Skirt is three inches above the knee for modesty reasons.

The sash is also a long rectangle tacked onto the skirt. Three flowers made of craft foam are pinned onto top of it. This was a huge craft foam project. The hairclip is also painted craft foam. The medal is also craft foam painted red on both sides with a gold button.

The hat roughly followed the same pattern as my USO girl hat. I used buckram to keep it stiff. It is held on by two bias tape loops on the inside where I can put a hair pin or hair clip on so it can stay on my wig.

I won’t be going accurate with the boots for ctcon for the sake of time. I do have lycra for boot covers, but that will be for another time. I just want to relax and have fun at ctcon as an idol.

Nico will be up eventually! I look forward to Love Live cosplay times and I’m happy to have friends on both coasts to cosplay it with me!

  • 5th July
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Anime Expo 2003 - Mamma mia, here I go again

I got more involved with cosplay in 2003. I was finding my fandoms and I was really into X/1999. Again, friends from out of state visited. Sora and I cosplayed from Sister Princess…that whole dating game thing never really caught on. I was big into Karen Kasumi…and somehow, I got drafted into doing Battle Royale cosplay. I ended up going as Keiko - the gal who shoots Kawada before he kills her. 

Best part of AX2003? First year of the masquerade ball and seeing a Subaru and Seishirou couple dance with each other. 

  • 4th July
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Anime Expo 2001 - Ashita ga aru sa…

This was a rather “special” con. I think I did everything a whimsical 17 year old did at a con - karaoke, voice acting, masquerade, late night dance parties, cosplay meets (KareKano!), etc. 

The photos you see here is from a closet attempt to cosplay as Koto, the main character in Waltz in a White Dress. No one had heard of it. I was backstage at masquerade and I was talking to my new friend, Angela I had made backstage. “Oh hey! I heard of that series! That’s awesome you cosplayed it,” said someone who overheard our convo. “My name is Yaya,” she says. It was the first time I’ve been acquainted with Yaya Han. 

But if you love sappy romance, I rec this one. It’s a period drama! 

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Anime Expo 2002 - just a day, just an ordinary day…

I was graduating from high school. My uncle insisted I have some rich girl debuante ball. Meanwhile I was like, “Screw that! I’m running around Long Beach as Princess Mars!” The best part about Anime Expo 2002? My friends from around the country visited me to check out Anime Expo - Chicago, Florida, New Hampshire, Vancouver…

This was the best way to celebrate finishing high school. I had a GREAT group of friends back then to go on con adventures with! 

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